Local Media Manager – Working Hard For You

The Internet has changed the expectation of consumers. Consumers need to feel that advertising is customized just for them. Gone are the days that a catchy jingle on the radio could bring in enough business to be profitable. Today people have access to the Internet almost everywhere they go. Phones, laptops, and free public Wi-Fi allow anyone to be online almost anywhere they are. This can give a small business a competitive advantage if the appropriate actions are taken. Although many of the technology is still relatively new, there are many companies that can help a small business take advantage of the number of users that are taking part in social media. Local Media Manager can help any local business get their company involved with social media, and start creating a local buzz about the business.

Social media has become popular due to the fact that it allows everyday people to become content producers, instead of content consumers. Many people are now becoming members of different social media sites to share with the world what they are doing. By joining a social media site members are also able to keep up to date on what their friends are doing. Because of this many businesses are joining social media sites to keep their customers up to date with happenings at the company. Big businesses are now able to keep up to date with an ever growing user base thanks to the wide spread Internet usage around the world.

Although many big businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon, local businesses can also find success by taking advantage of the number of people that they are able to reach. One of the best ways for a local business to be found is through Google Places. Since millions of people search Google every day, Google Places takes the hard work out of being found. Users can share reviews and photos, while business can display their hours and phone number. Google has also recently added the option for a business to update their Google Page to reflect daily specials. This is especially helpful is people are searching Google Maps to find a local restaurant for dinner. Google is helping more local businesses connect with the people around them.

Local businesses can also take advantage of other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. By creating a group on Facebook a business has a new medium to connect with their clients. They can use this to announce specials, or make people aware of a new product. The company also has the added bonus of learning more about the group of people who are following them on Facebook. They can see where they are located, and get a rough idea of the demographics of their consumers. Twitter allows for short under 140 character messages to be posted to a users personal Twitter account. The account can also be followed by other users of Twitter, and alert them whenever there is an update. This is another way to reach out to customers and inform them about new or changes to a businesses products.

To help local businesses with all of this new technology a company like Local Media Manager can get a business started with a social media advertising campaign. Local Media Manager will work with the business to find the best possible solution to advertise to consumers. They offer the following services:

– Creating and maintaining a custom Word-Press blog. A word press blog is a great way to post daily updates about happenings with the company
– Set up a Facebook fan page with blog integration
– Create and maintain a Twitter and Google Places account.

The power of social media has had an impact on even the largest of companies. Pepsi did not record any commercials for the 2010 Superbowl, instead choosing to focus their attention towards online advertising. This form of Social Media Marketing(SMM) can not be taken for granted. Even local businesses will benefit from the buzz that will be generated. It is a cheaper alternative to traditional advertising, and is better for a business as it allows for constant updates and more detailed information about consumers. Local Media Manager can help any business transition from traditional forms of marketing to a more modern Social Media Marketing.