Reviews can make or break a small business. That is why it is important to read your reviews. You can use the reviews that you get in order to improve your business. If you want to get better reviews from your clients, then you can contact Get Found In Town. We are an experienced online marketing company. We can help you with your review campaign. We can also help you get better clients.

Additionally, we can help you with SEO, local marketing and website design. Call us today so that you can find out how your company can benefit from our services.

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Perhaps, you’ve heard the hype about the need for a multi-page website that is basically filled with the same information. The fact is that less is more appealing to today’s online crowd. Most are not going to take the time to read pages and pages of information about your product or service. Today, the best course of action for online marketing and the small business owner is to keep their website design simple with basic SEO.

Keep It Simple
Narrow down the information to things that are useful to your client base in your location. Provide the type of information that requires the reader to act upon it quickly, instead of scrolling down and reading several paragraphs. Eliminating useless clutter will lead the client in the right direction.

Local marketing and online marketing have one very important thing in common. A simple website design with basic SEO is more than adequate for promotions or announcements about the business. A simple basic design for a small business will get thei

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Are you a dental office in need of “Getting Found”

As a dental office in the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch area, you are trying to compete with other dental businesses for new local customers. Trying to do local marketing to reach new customers can seem intimidating for any small business — which is why Get Found In Town is here to help you.

Get Found In Town specializes in helping local dental businesses reach local customers online. We use a variety of online marketing techniques to achieve this goal. First, we offer top-notch web design so that potential customers will be drawn to your business. Second, use the best social media campaigns to target new customers and to improve your branding. This social media effort is conducted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Finally, we enhance your website’s SEO so that people looking for dental help will find your company.

With Get Found In Town, we make it easy for your local dental office to increase your website traffic and to convert that traffic into new customers.

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Amazon’s ad business may be nearing a ‘tipping point’

Amazon’s ad business may be nearing a ‘tipping point’

Innovation Interactive Unit Buys i33 Communications

Amazon is quickly becoming a significant outlet for more advertisers.
More marketers are selling products via the e-commerce giant and need to run ads.
It’s not clear where Amazon’s ad budgets will come from long term.

It’s constantly referred to as a “sleeping giant” in ad circles. WPP CEO Martin Sorrell says it keeps him up at night. And now, some ad buyers are seeing Amazon quickly emerge as a crucial ad vehicle, one that could someday have a serious impact on Google and Facebook.

“They are becoming a significant player,” said Bryan Wiener, the executive chairman at the ad agency 360i. “They are starting to take revenue off of Google’s plate. It’s just started to reach a tipping point.”

There’s a simple explanation for that. After not doing so in the recent past, many of 360i’s clients now sell their products on Amazon. And these marketers are finding that buyin

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Climb the search engine ladder

Many companies have trouble climbing the ranks of search engines, as search engine optimization is practiced by nearly every digital company. Such commonly used techniques make SEO competition very high and tight. has helped countless companies and firms in Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton, and other Florida towns get known on the Internet with top website design and online marketing tools.

Get more clicks from locals with top local marketing strategies from the experienced team at This top web design team utilizes hyperlink analysis, in combination with a wide array of other tools, to understand where visitors are coming from most often. Results from such analysis can help your company hone and refine its digital marketing to bring in customers who purchase products related to your field.

These web design professionals excel at helping small business get known on the Internet. Many startups and small companies do not have the resources to focus sign

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Need a better website?

Websites that draw visitors and retain interest have user-friendly interfaces, attractive visuals and engaging content. Any successful website also contains keywords and other elements that bring it to the top of first page search engine results. If your small business in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Venice or nearby town is having difficulty keeping up with the competition, it’s time for you to rethink your web presence starting with your website and online marketing.

We believe that WordPress offers the best framework and platform for web design. We can recreate many parts of your current site in WordPress and then build upon those elements to create a stand-out site that focuses on your company’s message, target market and SEO. We also make certain that your new design is responsive so that it appears exactly as you want it to appear on all devices, including mobile devices.

You can even turn to our certified, professional team for local marketing strategies that put you a

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Are you looking to reach more customers?

If you are a local business owner looking to reach more customers on the internet, you know that online marketing can be intimidating sometimes. That is why when it comes to local marketing, Get Found In Town is the best solution.

We have a reputation for helping connect local businesses with consumers in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and Lakewood Ranch. When it comes to getting the best search engine results, Get Found In Town is a leading local expert in SEO. We specialize in creating search engine friendly digital content and optimizing websites for Google searches.

Get Found In Town also excels in website design. We build effective and engaging websites on Wordpress that make your business stand out online.

With all of these on-page and off-page SEO strategies, Get Found In Town is the best option for boosting your local search engine results.

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Date night?

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders out there. Our company provides WordPress website design to create a stunning website for your business. However, there are many more benefits for the efficient WordPress built websites we provide.

First, WordPress offers a wide variety of themes. These themes are visual layouts that can alter the appearance of a website. Using WordPress allows our team to quickly turn your online marketing design ideas into a reality.

Another reason that WordPress is so efficient is because it offers a large assortment of plugins. These plugins are similar to how apps work for a smartphone. Plugins allow our team of professionals to include contact areas, social media links, and many other additions to your website. Our local marketing team ensures visitors will be visiting a well designed and fully functional website.

WordPress is a website builder that is constantly staying updated. These updates protect from website attacks, hackers, and othe

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Sarasota Area Small Businesses Rely on Get Found In Town

Sarasota Area Small Businesses Rely on Get Found In Town

Small to medium-sized businesses located in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, or Lakewood Ranch need local search marketing services in order to reach out and connect with their customers. As a business owner, you probably know how expensive it is to use other traditional forms of advertising such as traditional print, TV commercials, or phonebook ads. With the proper website design and SEO online marketing strategy, you will be able to choose the most affordable and effective way to leverage these tools to your advantage. The best service to use in the Sarasota area is Get Found In Town.

Using social media, Google+ Local Optimization, and citation building, your small business will have the right online marketing tools you need to reach your target audience. Get Found In Town will get this done fast by assigning you your own Local Media Manager who will meet and discuss options with you to create the best local marketing plan so th

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