When To Write a Review and When Not To

When To Write a Review and When Not To…Owning a digital agency, I find it interesting all the reasons why consumers write reviews. One thing is constant, people will always write a review if something did not go their way. In many cases, the consumer does not give the business owner an opportunity to solve the problem or explain why the business operates in a fashion that the consumer did not understand. What the general public does not realize is, your harming the company without giving them the opportunity to correct any perceived problem or issue. Before punching that keyboard, call the business and try to resolve the problem. Once you have given the business an opportunity to correct the issue and the problem still exists, then writing a review can be a more reasonable response. In addition, please use the same energy to write a positive review for businesses that perform above expectations.  Remember, the golden rule should be applied whenever you find the urge to write a review.