How Can A Mobile-Responsive Website Make You More Money?

Did you know that a mobile-responsive website design can attract visitors and new customers to your business?

One of the major ranking SEO ranking factors that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for is mobile responsiveness in websites.

What Is A Mobile Responsive Website?
A mobile responsive website is a website that changes size and shape based on the device it is being viewed on. If a potential customer is using their iPhone to visit your website, they will see it adjust to fit their screen.

Elements such as text, images, videos, and other forms of multimedia will move and adjust to look professional for the viewer.

How Will A Mobile Responsive Website Help My Business?
Google has stated that they will index mobile-responsive websites before non-mobile websites. Many websites are not mobile-responsive. If your business builds a mobile-responsive website, you will be indexed before your competitors. This means you will see extra traffic and higher Google rankings.

Will A Mobile-Responsive Website Help Turn Visitors Into Customers?
Customers prefer to visit websites that are easy to read. A website that is not mobile-responsive will look confusing, distorted, and unprofessional to your customers. If you have a properly optimized website, you will be able to turn more of your visitors into paying customers.

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