Why Your Website Needs SSL Protection

Why Your Website Needs SSL Protection

Have you upgraded your website with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection? Failure to do so could hinder your ability to succeed in multiple ways. If you’re skeptical of SSL, consider the following benefits that it offers.

SSL Protection Explained

SSL protection involves the use of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol that governs the way in which data is transmitted between your website and its visitors. With HTTPS, data in transit is encrypted, meaning that only the visitor can see information that’s transmitted to him or her by the website and vise-versa.

Benefits of SSL Protection

When visitors see that your website is protected with SSL, they’ll feel more confident knowing that their personal information is protected. The standard website protocol, HTTP, doesn’t use encryption, thereby exposing visitors’ personal information to Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.

Using SSL may also improve your website’s search rankings.

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Online business profiles

Online business profiles are an essential part of marketing your business, but they are often overlooked. Many businesses focus on a great website design while neglecting to share their profile information in online directories and other virtual media outlets. Digital media experts Get Found In Town provide a variety of professional web services to that will drive customers to your site. By coming up with a marketing strategy customized to suit your business needs, GetFoundInTown.com focuses on helping local customers find you. Their experienced team can help your company grow with blog services, search engine optimization, and social media marketing that will target and grow your customer base.

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Mobile friendly websites

When it comes to web design, especially mobile friendly websites, you do not have to get really complex for people to like you. As a matter of fact, simple is always better. All that you really need is the basic information about your business and a reason for people to buy from you, and they will.

Take a look at the website getfoundintown.com. Tell us what you see there. What you see is a very streamlined website that gets straight to the point. You can see the same thing in the Google home page. This is a website with only one major action that you can perform – make a search. However, it is one of the most highly trafficked websites on the Internet.

Take your cues from the most successful businesses in the world. You really can be the next big thing – just keep everything that you do humble. This is an attitude that helps people in life, and it is definitely one that you can utilize when you are putting together your mobile friendly website. Now go out there and make your mark

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Online marketing campaigns

The Internet gives you an opportunity to expand your sales far beyond your physical resources and platform. You can reach people from every corner of the world! Many companies are using the Internet exclusively to promote and sell – they do not even keep a physical storefront any more. There are many advantages to this strategy. One of the most important is the cost effectiveness – if you do not have to keep a storefront, then you do not have to deal with the overhead, insurance, training and other costs that are attached to having one.

Would you like to take advantage of these incredible opportunities? You need to create an online marketing campaign for yourself. This campaign can work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you are asleep, you can continue promoting your website. This is an advantage that you cannot give up, especially if you do not have the manpower to keep someone at the helm for 24 hours a day.

Get Found in Town, at getfoundintown.com, is the company tha

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The Need For SEO Monitoring

The Need For SEO Monitoring

People should never just assume that their search engine optimization strategies are working. It will take some time for certain SEO strategies to work. However, some of these strategies will never succeed. People need to keep track of their progress.

Businesses will have different goals for their SEO. Some people are interested in attracting local customers. Other marketers are trying to get the attention of people from all over the world. They might need to use different sets of SEO techniques when they are trying to accomplish both sets of goals.

When it comes to marketing, website design improvements can help. People need to make sure that their websites are still effective. The styles associated with popular websites can change rapidly. People need to keep track of these things if they want to be successful marketers.

Monitoring the progress associated with some SEO strategies can be tough. People might just need to look at the results. They might b

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Business owners in Sarasota can find many tools online to help them get their messages out to target audiences. Although blogs and social media have become some of the most commonly used tools for sharing updates, another incredibly effective way to reach potential customers is Google Posts. Google My Business users have the ability to share posts under their business Knowledge Panel that appears above the fold on the first page of Google Search results and pops up on Google Maps.

What information can businesses share via Google Posts?

– New and existing product information
– Important store and event announcements
– Sudden sales and discount offerings
– CTA links to business site and other pages
– Attractive images relevant to posts

Google Posts also offers an easy-to-navigate multi-post carousel display and additional tools to track user engagement with posts. Since Google Posts do have an expiration date, it’s critical that businesses update their posts on a regular basis. The k

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Ranking businesses on search results pages

Google and other tech companies that provide online search services focus on a wide range of criteria when ranking businesses on search results pages, including website and listing maintenance and citations on other websites. Successful companies always make certain that the information on their websites and in listings on review, industry and other sites are current and well-written. They also invest in active expert promotional efforts. For example, a successful company has up-to-date listings and citations on popular public reference sites like Google Maps and Yellowpages, social networks like Facebook and Twitter and on local Chamber of Commerce and community pages.

Far too many business owners currently believe that these types of efforts waste too much time and money. As a result, they actually experience losses in several critical areas. A poorly maintained website or incorrect contact details makes a company appear unprofessional and leads to loss of traffic, revenues and word

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How Can A Mobile-Responsive Website Make You More Money?

Did you know that a mobile-responsive website design can attract visitors and new customers to your business?

One of the major ranking SEO ranking factors that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing look for is mobile responsiveness in websites.

What Is A Mobile Responsive Website?
A mobile responsive website is a website that changes size and shape based on the device it is being viewed on. If a potential customer is using their iPhone to visit your website, they will see it adjust to fit their screen.

Elements such as text, images, videos, and other forms of multimedia will move and adjust to look professional for the viewer.

How Will A Mobile Responsive Website Help My Business?
Google has stated that they will index mobile-responsive websites before non-mobile websites. Many websites are not mobile-responsive. If your business builds a mobile-responsive website, you will be indexed before your competitors. This

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Social media is a strong player in the SEO field

Facebook is one of the most important of all social media. Today, Facebook still continues to serve as a crucial medium of communication between many people. The same is true of those who want to use Facebook as a means of reaching out to their clients. This is why some new rules regarding the creating of Facebook content are so important to understand. Such rules may change the way people see content when they scroll down their Facebook feed. Business owners need to know how such rules may affect their decision to advertise on the site. At our company, we can help.

We help provide our clients with innovative strategies that allow them to reach out to their clients. The new rules require companies to think about ways they can provide interesting and out of the box content. With our understanding of such new rules, it’s easier than ever to grow any business using social media. It’s also easier than ever to please customers and help them understand how you can provide them with the good

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When you need to establish reliable business connections, it is crucial for you to work with experts who can help you. If you are in the Sarasota, Bradenton or Venice area, you can work with a capable engine designed to help you move your website design forward.

Get Found In Town is a local search marketing strategy implementation group that is designed to help individuals increase their traffic and conversions. The professionals that work with this group are dedicated to helping business owners of small- to medium-sized businesses develop the right search engine results and content to draw consumer attention on a local level.

Business owners will have the opportunity to discuss all types of website design options and social media campaigns to help spread their message. With so many tools available, business owners will have the chance to connect with their customers like never before.

If you are interested in getting started, contact the professionals that work with Get Found in To

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