It’s important that a company procure reviews as soon as possible after a customer interacts with a product, service or representative. Customer feedback and testimonials are critical promotional elements in website design. Consider the following:

The Honeymoon Period Eventually Ends

Right after any type of engagement that involves a positive outcome, a customer usually feels excited, relieved and happy. They’re more likely to express these emotions in feedback at this time. This honeymoon period though can end quickly. For example, if a customer becomes dissatisfied with the same company for any reason shortly after the positive experience, they’re more likely to leave a negative review.

People Start to Forget Details

People’s memories become distorted over time for a variety of reasons. A customer’s memories about why a particular product, service or representative gave them great satisfaction can become less clear. They’re also less likely at a later date to use words that accurately express their previous satisfaction simply because they no longer feel as emotionally attached to the event and connected to those memories.

Even Loyal Customers Stop Caring

Some customers are tired of receiving feedback requests. They also can grow tired of caring about why it’s important that they leave reviews. The process of leaving a star rating or writing a review can actually make them feel irritated and weary. As a result, it’s always best to ask for feedback when they’re still feeling lighthearted and energetic right after they’ve had a positive experience.

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